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B&B GAIN Partners AG

Assessments of damage events

We are specialized in assessing and preparing reports for the following types of damages, with expertise in

Property damage
  • water damage
  • fire damage
  • mold damage
  • storm damage
  • damage caused by natural disasters
  • damage to building contents
  • damage to building structure

Liability damage
  • comprehensive liability
  • vehicle collision damage
  • personal liability damage
  • principal’s liability
  • product liability

Cyber losses in cooperation with strategic partners and experts
  • identification of the cause, scope and amount of damages
  • professional analysis and assessment of cyber losses
  • comprehensive risk and crisis management with our forensics experts
  • immediate provision of specialized attorneys
  • preparation of expert reports
  • IT system solutions and preventive measures

Reports assessing the market value of buildings
  • building damage as a result of civil engineering activities and geothermal energy
  • engineering insurance
  • transport damage
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