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B&B GAIN Partners AG

Dr. Hans Günter Lind, Member of the Board

Mr. Lind’s career has been shaped by a balanced and symbiotic combination of pure academic education and practical training. Very early on he gathered first experiences while working at his grandfather’s international construction firm. In 1996 he graduated from the KIT in Karlsruhe with a Master in Civil and Production Engineering, followed in 2003 with a PhD and the subject matter of his thesis being Ceramic Floor systems for large area installations. In that same year he passed state examinations to graduate as a licensed "construction expert". Through the completion of the advanced program "Corporate Finance" at the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce and Industry to be certified as "Expert Corporate Finance" he rounded out his education in engineering.
In 2011 he obtained additional professional certifications in the area of "Public Safety" and "Public Order" from the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce and Industry by passing the statutory examination of proficiency in accordance with Section 34(1)(50 of the Trade Regulations Act.

Based on his many years of professional experience in Germany and abroad (Middle East and Asia), Hans Günter Lind displays comprehensive analytical, business and conceptual skills that are required to develop solutions in the area of Claims Management and workflow processes.
Internationally his in-depth knowledge of the construction industry in general and the development and financing of large international projects in particular is in strong demand.

As of 2012 Hans Günter Lind focused his future career on providing expertise and claims management services.

In 2012 he joined Crawford & Company (Deutschland) GmbH with carrying responsibility for Claims Management. After completing the Crawford "Claims Academy" he was also authorized to prepare expert opinions in the area of property insurance and liability insurance with a particular focus on products liability and business interruption.

In October 2017, he moved to the Goldemann expert office.
As a DFB-qualified expert, the DFB commissioned him in the same year to take over safety and regulatory tasks in stadiums as part of the development of safety in stadiums.

In April 2020 Hans Günter Lind joined the Executive and Corporate Boards of B&B GAIN Partners Ltd.

Further Mandates:
  • Names upon request

Core Competencies:
  • Business management in the SME sector
  • Development and implementation of goal-oriented integrated problem solutions in the field of international large-scale projects and construction
  • Project Management
  • Expertise (engineering)
  • Expert services in the realm of security and public safety

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