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B&B GAIN Partners AG

Urs Barandun, Chairman

Urs Barandun holds a degree in Engineering from the ETH Zurich (MSc ETH) and a degree from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) with a particular focus on corporate management (Executive MBA HSG). He speaks and writes five languages fluently.

An accomplished business leader with extensive experience as Product Manager, Head of Division, CEO and Executive Director in the manufacturing and service industry, both on a national and international scale. He held various positions in companies such as Leica (former Wild+Leitz - faculties of photogrammetry, geodesy and laser interferometry), Grossenbacher Elektronik (electronics and automation) and Westiform (visual communication). As an intermediate step, for a two-year period, he then ventured into the Swiss tourism industry. An in-depth experience in turn-around and crisis management combined with a very well-known family name in the Kanton Graubünden (the Grisons) made him the ideal candidate for leading a highly visible project for Grison’s tourism. With strong support from regional political and business leaders he successfully merged the independent ski resorts of Flims-Laax-Falera into one tourism destination, the so-called "Alpenarena". The launch of his own business which was B&B Gain AG in Switzerland in 1995, created the foundation for an additional and a swift expansion into the Middle East 1996 through the wholly owned UAE-based B&B MMC (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). In 2011 he formed B&B GAIN Partners, domiciled in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland to consolidate all his business activities under one umbrella.

His methodical approach provides a strategic framework for translating business ideas as well as current and anticipated market changes into new growth opportunities through concrete action plans. They include the actual planning and implementation of integrated measures as well as iterative controlling processes to achieve improvement through focused continuous learning and gained experience, thus maintaining tactical flexibility. To provide innovative strategies and solutions, to fully leverage a company’s potential, Urs evaluates solutions from an internal-looking value-chain based analysis but also from evaluating additional opportunities thru effective ecosystems (knowledge ecosystems, platform ecosystems).

On a case-by-case basis Urs Barandun provides his services also as a member of the board (executive director), as personal consultant to family offices, as a mouthpiece for public relations or as a facilitator.
Since 2011 Urs Barandun holds the position of the CEO and Chairman of the Board of B&B GAIN Partners Ltd.

Further Mandates (names upon request only):
  • Two seats as member of the board in the industry of ICT and Telecommunication located in the UAE, responsible for corporate business development
  • Two mandates (Head of Strategic Business Development) in the realm of blockchain and the digitization and value preservation of tangible assets

Core Competencies:
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Information technology and telecommunication
  • International compensation operations, project finance
  • Tourism industry
  • Communication and media
  • Over 30 year business experience in the Middle East and SE Asia

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