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B&B GAIN Partners AG

Urs Barandun

Urs Barandun has an engineering degree from ETH Zurich (MSc ETH) and a degree from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) focusing on corporate management (Executive MBA HSG). He speaks and writes five languages fluently.

He has many years of experience as a CEO and member of the board of directors of domestic and international industrial and service companies, with nearly 25 years as a successful entrepreneur.

Some of the areas to which Urs Barandun has dedicated himself in a practical and methodical manner include:
  • information technology and telecommunications
  • communication and media
  • major international industrial and construction projects
  • international compensation transactions, project financing
  • environmental and tourism requirements
  • identification and evaluation of investments in all of these areas
  • experience in the Middle East and Southeast Asia for more than 25 years

His methodical analyses provide a strategic framework for implementing business ideas and changes underway in the market concretely to promote new growth opportunities. Specifically, this means planning and implementing integrated measures as well as monitoring these measures on an ongoing basis, with a focus on learning and gaining experience from them. This ensures that management never loses sight of the end goal while maintaining the necessary flexibility at all times (tactical deviations from the plan).

Occasionally, Urs Barandun also carries on his activities in the framework of a mandate to serve as a member on a board of directors (chairman), as a personal advisor for family offices, as a speaker for public relations work and/or as a moderator.

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